Verifying your business on WhatsApp

In order for your business to use the WhatsApp Business API, it will have to be verified using Meta Business Manager (MBM). In this post, we detail the process so that your business can access the WhatsApp Business API.

Before you get started:

  • You can't start the verification process unless your business actually needs to be verified
  • You'll need to be the admin of a Meta Business Manager account
  • Your business page will need at least two admins under people that have Two-Factor Authentication(2FA) enabled. You can enable 2FA here.
  • When working with WhatsApp Business solution providers you will have to accept a jewel notification

Step 1: Setting up for success

  1. Open an incognito browser window (Windows: Ctrl + Shift + n. | Mac: ⌘ + Shift + n)
  2. Log into your personal Facebook profile:
  3. Open a second tab next to the Facebook login and open

What if I don't have a Meta Business Manager account?

  1. Open an incognito window
  2. Open and log into your personal Facebook profile
  3. Visit to create a Facebook Business Manager account
  4. Open a second tab next to the Facebook login and open

Step 2: Verify your business

  1. Click on the Start Verification button in the Business Manager after accepting the jewel notification
  2. Provide all the necessary business details required by Meta, including business registration, address, and website
  3. Receive and confirm the verification code from Meta
  4. You'll receive a notification once your business is confirmed

Verification best practices

  • Use your official business registration certificate
  • Make sure that the information you submit matches the contents of your business registration certificate. This includes capitalisation, spelling mistakes, and wrong addresses. Meta will use this information to confirm and verify your business details.
  • Your website and email domain should match. This is critical when receiving the verification OTP via email at the end of the verification process.

Our account management team are on hand to assist with your Meta Business Manager verification when you join the Cue family.