Getting started with WhatsApp Templates

WhatsApp Templates are pre-defined messages that businesses can use to initiate conversations with their customers. They can include text, media, buttons and personalised variables.

A WhatsApp Template can be sent to any WhatsApp phone number without the recipient having to message you first. This makes them great for notifications and announcements. When you contact a user first, this is known as a Business Initiated Conversation, and there is a cost associated with sending these messages. Once a user responds, all messages within the next 24 hours to that user incur no cost from WhatsApp.

We help customers with the entire set up process for WhatsApp numbers and templates. Contact our team for help getting started.

Setting up a WhatsApp template

In order to set up a WhatsApp template you will need the following:

  • Your business must be approved on Meta Business Manager.
  • Your business must have a valid WhatsApp for Business number.

Once you have these, you can create templates for each WhatsApp Business number. If you're using Cue our team will be able to set this up for

Types of WhatsApp templates

You can choose from a variety of message types, including Text, Image, Document, Audio, and Video.

From June 2023, WhatsApp will categorise templates as either Marketing, Utility or Authentication. Each template category will incur a different cost.