Sending a WhatsApp Broadcast

Broadcasts let you send out bulk messages to your customers. This guide will walk you through how to send a WhatsApp Broadcast on Cue.

WhatsApp only allows you to send out pre-approved templates as broadcasts.

Send a broadcast

Below are instructions for how you can send a WhatsApp broadcast on Cue:

  1. Sign into
  2. Click on the 'Broadcasts' icon on the left hand side
  3. Click on 'Create a broadcast'
  4. Upload your list of recipients
  5. Specify the template name
  6. Specify any parameters to be used
  7. Specify any media to be used
  8. Send or schedule the broadcast

Upload a list of recipients

Upload your list of recipients as a CSV file, here is a sample.csv.

Your .csv file must contain a column called WhatsApp number which should contain the phone numbers of recipients in international format (E.g. 447576209857).

Your file can also contain a column called name or firstName and this value will be set as the first name of the contact that is created in Cue when the broadcast is sent.

Finally, you can include any other columns in your CSV file that you may want to use as parameters in your broadcast. Parameters allow you to insert personalised data into your message templates. For example: name, order number, delivery date.

Specify your template name

When you create a template with Meta Business Manager and it is approved you will receive a template name. You will need to paste this value into the Template name field.

Specify any parameters to be used

If your template contains any parameters, you can specify which columns of data in your recipients list must be put into the template.

Send or schedule

By default your broadcast will send immediately but you can also schedule it to be sent at a time in the future.


Once your broadcast has been sent, you'll me able to see how many messages have been sent, delivered and read on the Broadcast listing page.